Monday, 17 August 2015

Compliments Gone Wrong!

Just thought I would update you all on something amusing from the day...

I'd finished work and decided to sit and have a cappuccino before I headed off home for the day to write blog posts (such as this one!), make me and my fella tea, job search and finish up my day with a little bit of Assassins Creed: Black Flag (which I'm doing mint on, just so you know).

Once I'd finished and set off, I walked past the lake on my way home (which is super beautiful, and on a sunny day full of people walking around it and many with pet dogs.

'Hello joy, it is I, Kirst; admiring natures furry children!'

One lady had the most gorgeous and sopping wet German Shepard. It was smelling everything in its site, running back and forth, left and right with its tail wagging and tongue dangling out the side of its mouth panting in the most adorable manner. I love seeing German Shepards and this one was gorgeous.

So, as the woman passed me by I went "Gorgeous!" with a forward nod towards the dog.

However, the woman ignored my nod and just accepted my compliment as her own with a "Thank you!" and large smile, as if I was calling her gorgeous. I walked passed realising I had ended up sounding like a bit of a creep rather than a dog lover. It would of been rude to stop and say "Wait no, sorry I meant your DOG is gorgeous".

That, ladies and gentlemen is my life summed up in a 10 second interaction!