Monday, 30 March 2015

Song Of The Month - March

One of my favourite songs of all time has recently become one of my most played in my playlists on spotify recently, which is the wonderful Prince and the Revolution.
I’m a humongous fan of the film Pretty Woman, I’m not a big fan of rom coms, but I do love that film. It’s an un-traditional form of love and I enjoy it. One of my favourite scenes is where Julia Roberts is in the hotel bathtub, singing Prince’s huge hit, Kiss.
Thus! My song of the month is just that! Prince and the Revolution – Kiss

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

High School ‘Associates’ On Facebook.

Am I a bad person if I don’t care for the lives of people I grew up with?
Okay. So that probably sounds terrible, look at Kirst bitching about people who never did her any wrong. I get it.
Due to the social atmosphere and grouping of friends that judged them to be probably far from what they’re not? I just, don’t care for people I was in the same high school with. I don’t care that people in my year had kids at 16, nor do I care that someone else spends their life on facebook tweeting status about them going to the gym or smoking ‘bare weed‘.
I feel like when you get older, social websites like Facebook are those that you’ve had for so long that you don’t want to get rid of. Me? I don’t want to lose the pictures and the posts from 3 years back where me and my friends would have debates about musicians and their up and coming albums. Yet I can’t seem to delete people I don’t care for from it either. Part of me wants to know who’s doing great for themselves so I can go “Hey, good for them!” and the other part of me wants to watch them crash and burn because I don’t care.
I find it mostly difficult when I’m trying to speak to my actual friends, about things we discuss on a regular basis, but when that discussion is posted on a ‘wall‘ rather than in chat, it gets bombarded with comments from people who thought they were better than you because they had bigger boobs and about 3 different back-up boyfriends. Likes? Likes are fine. It’s an approval, an “I see what you’re writing, I laughed at what you thought and said, I approve, have my approval in form of a facebook like” but when people comment? It fills me with childish rage that can only be expressed by “Please, stop.”
Especially when there’s something you’re really passionate about, let me share my views on something I love, or share a photo of a musician I adore and spent hours learning before they were famous music lyrics on a-z. To then have people bombard that photo with lyrics of one of their more recent or relatable lyrics.
I know, I know. Childish and petty, yet I can’t stop this hatred. Maybe once I would of cared for people to comment and relate, but now I just feel like people should stick to who they know. If people aren’t part of my life, if people didn’t speak to me during high school? You’re on my facebook ‘friends‘ list so I don’t have to go “I wonder what that guys doing with his life now” or “I wonder if she and he are still together, married maybe? Kids?” That. Is why my so called 400-500 “Friends” are still on there. If I wanted the site for people I wanted to keep up to date with and not have to see complain via a status at every opportune moment? There would be about 10-15 people on it.
I mean, c’mon…I have old bosses and work ‘friends’ who I had no common interests with on my Facebook. Facebook is my social media site where I go “Hey we spent some time together once in my life, if I don’t add you on it I’ll probably forget about you and potentially forget your name when I do remember you!” That seems to be my list of Facebook ‘friends’ in a nutshell.
Now Twitter and Instagram are my social platforms that I buzz off. Twitter I can follow my favourite celebrities and musicians, bands. Find out new offers from my favourite shops and laugh at my friends and a few friends of friends daily life in a short 140 characters, complaints don’t really happen through my twitter. I’m not really sure if that’s because of the use of ONLY 140 characters to be fair, I can complain in that many characters as I’ve seen others do so, but it’s so quick to scroll past or better yet, you DON’T feel like you have to follow people back. You’re interested in my life and opinions in short words? Sweet, I’m not interested in yours. Acceptable!
Instagram? Life through photos. Awesome, I love photos I love photography! I like SEEING what people are doing rather than reading. People don’t really tend to complain via photos. No one puts a picture of their face crying and a description as to why. They stick to posting really awesome things that they’re doing with their life! If it’s all selfies then I’m not a fan of ‘following’ them. I know what your face looks like I don’t have to see it EVERY day, but the odd one or two now and then? Sweet! Go for it. Things like Twitter and Instagram are easy to scroll through and ignore what you’re not interested in. Facebook? It’s difficult to find what and WHO you’re interested in past all the bullshit and complaints.
Maybe I’m just a heartless bore!
Maybe, I just posted what many others feel… I’ll never know!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Only Men Need To Be Loved… Women Need To Be Wanted

– Gemma Teller Morrow, a fictional character from one of my favourite TV shows and probably played by one of the most beautiful and inspirational actresses I’ve ever watched, Katey Sagel.
I started watching Sons of Anarchy in late 2013, I caught a couple of episodes from season two, and got so into it that I started watching from the beginning and sloughed through the seasons to season 5 easily in a week or less. No… seriously.
I sat with my eyes fixated on the Netflix screen for so long I felt like I’d become a member of the crew and for some reason Gemma Teller Morrow just spoke to me. Everything she said wasn’t words of a naive woman who had loved and lost, they were from a woman with experience and stories, who wasn’t taking any shit and was respected like she was the heart and soul of the club.
I loved her character, she inspired me as a young woman to want that kind of relationship with my boyfriend and friends. Enough respect that I feel like people are grateful to have me around, who adore me for my personality and understanding.
I wanted ultimately my future to be that of a woman who invites close friends around for tea, a huge dining table with bowls of food being passed around and my friends and friends of my boyfriend to be around. A happy family, dining together, having a drink? It just seemed like a beautiful way to live and I want it more than anything.
Now what today’s post is about? Is one of my favourite quotes from the entire season, Season 5 Episode 13, Gemma Teller says “Love? Only men need to be loved sweetheart. Women need to be wanted”
Gemma Teller Morrow Quote
I keep seeing it pop up, or hearing it over and over. Naturally, you tend to think about quotes like this, you question whether that really is a true fact of life, or an opinion from one woman, even though Katey Sagal’s husband Kurt Sutter was the one who wrote it!
So, what do I think? I think it IS just an opinion, however I personally feel loved when I’m wanted. Do I need to be loved? I think so. Love is a difficult subject to talk about, since it’s different for everyone and no one can really define and put a stamp on what love is, but I think to be loved is to feel wanted first, I don’t think that means that a woman can’t want or feel love, but I think we want to feel wanted more than we do loved.
It’s a bit contradicting! I can feel myself question which one I want more. I don’t need to be bought flowers and gifts every week to feel like I’m living my life to the fullest in a happy relationship, but I do want to be there for the person I love and for them to want me by his side and trust me with his life. I think love comes from that.
People have different perceptions on how they want to be loved, people have different ways of life. So disagreement is bound to happen, for me, this quote is strong in my heart and I love it. Just as I love Katey Sagal for portraying such a strong woman and just as much as I love Kurt Sutter, for being the most incredible script writer I have seen in a very long time. Looking forward to The Bastard Executioner!