Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentines BAE.

I’ve never really been one for relationships, not that I’ve never liked them and thought less of those who did? I just never really had them. The one memorable one I did have lasted about 8-9 months and then I kind of realised I was 14 and should get on with my education (in harsh reality terms anyway) plus personal life problems and realising I just wanted to spend time with friends rather than ‘make out’.
I met my now boyfriend at 16 and liked him pretty much straight away, I was in my final few months of school and he was 18, I had a strange attraction to him and despite him living 140 miles away, I traveled to go see him about 3 weeks after we first spoke online. I moved in with him last year the week of my 20th birthday and now we’re in what I would say is a very happy relationship, thus meaning…my/our first ever valentines day. Ew.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve always stuck to my guns with this “Ew Valentines, consumerism bullshit” That kind of thing… I figured though, I really like this guy enough to want to create fond memories with him. He’s exactly like me in terms of not being arsed whatsoever with Valentines day, yet there’s no harm in at least getting him a card to show him I care, right? So I did! It’s not like we said ‘Lets book a table somewhere expensive, drink bitter alcohol that neither of us like very much and throw petals across the floor that in all honesty, will probably get hoovered up‘.
So a card was a kind gesture of love and appreciation without the expense!
I got him an adorable little card off Etsy that I knew he’d love. He loves the whole ‘zombie apocalypse’ thing (It’s gonna happen one day!), talking about our zombie action plan and being prepared with weapons like baseball bats and Katanas. It’s actually kind of adorable, and so I got him a card with a zombie on the front with the words “My zombie plan has been rewritten to include you
That’s love right there…
He…thought about getting me a card…two or three times! Then forgot to get one until it was too late to get one that was humorous or to do with something I approved of. I’m not one for the big red cards that have love hearts and flowers on, so I wasn’t arsed and said not to worry! We ended up showing each other the selection of cards we looked at for each other online, hilarious ones like a drawing of a bed suggesting I take up all the room (I kind of do) or ones that say ‘Your butt…I like that shit’, and to be honest, I liked that! It was quite funny seeing how well we knew each other just through cards.
Anyway! afterwards during conversations, he said he wanted to get me flowers instead but didn’t know if I’d be okay with that (since flowers are REALLY expensive.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Now, I’ve never had anyone give me flowers before, and I’m someone who doesn’t really get a kick out of their partner buying them loads of stuff and especially not expensive stuff. Unless I can give back, but I agreed he could get me flowers, because I really love them!
He ended up coming home with a HUGE bouquet of flowers. He’s a bit of an outdoors enthusiast deep down, and actually picked the carnations himself, they asked him what colours I liked and he knew, whites, blacks, reds and greys, I’m quite boring colour-wise really! The bouquet he bought back had some really beautiful red and white roses, daisies, carnations…all sorts in one beautiful bunch!
They’re so beautiful, I’m going to be a so heartbroken when they die! First flowers ever bought for me was a bouquet of them.
Man I love that guy.


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