Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Should I Have A Bucketlist?

There are so many people who I see publish or write things they want to do before they die, their ultimate bucketlist. A wishlist of travel and activities they see as an important way to live happily and fulfill their lifelong dreams. I’ve tried to write a couple before, but I get stuck!
It’s kind of a weird prospect, discussing the things you want to do before you croak, what if you don’t do those things? Are you less likely to feel like you had a decent life? Then comes the whole will I be able to care after death because will I be reborn, go to heaven/hell or be nothing and just gone discussion. Which is always a fun topic after a few drinks.
Do people just write one long list or do they categorise it? Like; Celebrities I’d like to meet, Places I want to visit…ect.
I’ve never been a big fan of adrenaline rushes, in all honesty they make me feel a little bit sick, going high on swings is enough for me! But, the rush of being in the middle of the barely explored ocean with some of the worlds biggest and baddest sharks with nothing but bars keeping me from being chomped? Yes, stuff like that would definitely go on my bucketlist!
Travelling the world is another example of bucketlist items, usually specific countries. I could list so many different places I want to go, but that would be boring when idealistically, I just really want to travel everywhere, my best friends parents did that and they have so many cool stories that entice people for hours. I want to be able to tell my future kids about the time I went to a nude cafe with friendly snakes or something ridiculous, and finished off my evening by watching bears fight underneath the Northern Lights.
Big sports events? Definitely. I’m not exactly a huge sports fan, I don’t dedicate my life to adding up football points, but I love the big events, the world comes together for things like that, the Olympics, the World Cup, The Superbowl? UGH. Heck yes. I want that more than anything, to be with a thousand people watching an event that will be remembered for god knows how long, and of course to buy the ridiculously overpriced Nachos and cokes twice the side of my head.
Music wise? Everything. I just want to do everything. I want to learn so many different instruments and learn how to read music. To go to so many music concerts and festivals seeing my favourite bands and solo artists do their thing, listen live to what I love to listen to every single day? Of course I want that. I want to go to Madame Tussauds and get photos with my favourites (since lets face it, it’s going to be a bit difficult getting selfies with the greats like Michael Jackson). I want to go to museums and see the most famous musicians first guitars and guitar picks. Their go to outfits?
I would LOVE to go see the Game of Thrones exhibition, tour the Warner Brothers studios, see myself in Diagon Alley buying my first wand and drinking butterbeer. I want to go to rainforests and go to them bars underneath waterfalls. I want to be remembered as a good person, someone who not only looks out for their community but cares for others, I want to run a marathon dressed as something ridiculous or hilarious.
I want to be able to document it all in photos and journals, and say “Look kids! Look what I did there, I’ll help you do that and we’ll have experiences together too!” That’s the person I want to be.
What’s unique to you on your bucketlist?

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