Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Moving Out, Returning Home For New Year, My Resolutions.

As you might of read, I moved out in October! The past two months have been fantastic and I have never felt so happy in my entire life. Its what I wanted to do for so long, and now thats happened I don't know what to do with myself!

I went back down South for Christmas to see my family, it was something I was dreading because I had to tell my family I was moving out for good because I liked it up North but everything 'went better than expected!' 

After Christmas (In which I completely fattened myself up with so much food, I mean, seriously...so much food. I had chicken, mash, vegetables, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, gravy, chocolate, lemon cake, some pina colada flavoured cake with coconut sprinkles, pigs in blankets AND chocolate. I'm probably like 1043728 stone now) I plan on going back home with yet ANOTHER suitcase to try and move some more of my stuff up north. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing the boyfriend. It's been really odd not seeing him everyday. Having him fart on me or snore in my ear whilst I'm clinging on to the bed for dear life...it's weird how you miss even the little things. 

Admittedly I've been getting grumpy every now and then without him about. He makes me a much happier and positive person, so I miss having him around. 

Now that I've explained I'm moving out for good, I'm really excited to think about my future. (I think I have a slight home decor obsession, luckily I think my boyfriend has the same love for it as I do, I only know this because of hearing him say "Fuckin' love Clas Ohlson" so I've definitely found someone who shares my same 'adult life loves') I need to get another side table for the bed and we've spoke about getting a smaller wardrobe since ours is (although a great size) too awkward for our bedroom, which is an attic room, which is obviously oddly shaped.

I've given thought to what my new years resolutions might be for the upcoming 2015, I guess those would be:

  • Find a job (preferably one I like where I get treated like a human being, my last job was pretty awful at that)
  • Move out of my current house with my boyfriend into a place of our own! (I like our roomates, but not enough to tidy up after them whenever they make a mess!)
  • Take more photos! - I've essentially just started my life and future, I want to make sure it's documented in photo form, plus I'm seriously lacking photos from the past 2 years. I basically became part hobbit minus the hairy feet. Time to have fun!
I think 3 resolutions is enough, and they're pretty realistic targets for the year! Last blog post of 2014. I hope everyone had a great year!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Song Of The Month - December

Absolutely obsessed with the Awesome Mix right now after watching guardians of the galaxy, I find myself listening to this song on a daily basis, and the boyfriend listens to it in the shower so it's forever stuck in my head!

Thanks Guardians of the Galaxy! 

Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Geek Home Decor - Guardians Of The Galaxy

I have a thing for home decor, any store or online shop that has home decor I can sift through for hours picking out all the things I want for my future home, signing up for all the websites so that I can add things I like to a wishlist. 

I'm a complete sucker for decor! Nerdy decor? Even better. 

Just recently I watched Guardians of the Galaxy (and fell in love with Groot and Rocket) so, me being me I decided to search for all things Groot and Rocket related. Here are my favourite finds!

 Rocket and Groot Coffee Mug

Rocket Raccoon Fan Art Print

Rocket Raccoon Film Quote Leather Bracelet

Groot Watercolour Download Print

Guardians of the Galaxy Pin Brooch or Magnet (Rocket, Groot, StarLord)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

One Gift To Please An Entire Family (Including Lots Of Laughter)

We all know how painful Christmas shopping is.

There are so many different people in the world who try Christmas differently.
Some people start Christmas shopping as soon as the Autumn starts, others start straight after Christmas passes and the new year comes in. Others (like myself) leave it to the last month and handle Christmas by avoiding shops and ordering online, or taking a long and painful Christmas eve to do the last minute everything.

When it comes to families, it seems like we write a list out for everyone, but what if you can get all your family with not only ONE gift, but something sentimental?

I recently saw a photo article of two brothers, reenacting their childhood photos, using similar clothes and backgrounds almost exact to the ones in their childhood photos. I jokingly told my boyfriend he should do the same with his brothers for Christmas, a couple of nudges here and there and we really did it! 

First off, anyone can do this, as long as you know someone with a decent camera and some (hopefully hilarious) childhood photos.

Secondly if you are helping, watching the photos or even taking the photos? Is absolutely hilarious. I watched my boyfriend put on his sister in laws crop top just to get the right colour shirt and seeing his brothers do big cheesy grins with mouthfuls of bread put me in stitches. Trying to hold my camera straight whilst a 22 year old man lay across his 25 and 27 year old brothers wrapped in a blanket like he's a few months old again? You can only imagine it!

Putting the new photos next to the old and going online to put them into a book is easy peasy! All you have to do is wait!

This gift not only becomes something fun for you to take part in, but can be a gift for mum and dad, nans and grandads, aunts and uncles! It really hits the nail on the head!

When I get back home, I'll include a couple of photos!