Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Just a small blogpost about something I remembered and made me smile in the oddest way.

I was with my (now boyfriend) in London. We was there with his colleagues for his works 10th anniversary, and they all bought along their girlfriends/wives.

Halfway through the night (after a fair bit of alcohol) we got to talking to my boyfriends bosses girlfriend. She was ever so lovely but was confused as to how we met.

She claimed that every relationship ever was related to friends somehow, how someone will have there Monica and Chandler or  Rachel and Ross moments. 

After explaining how we met and why we wasn't dating at the time, she couldn't find any example that made us similar to any relationship in FRIENDS, and she looked so heartbroken that her friends theory hadn't come out for our relationship. 

She was really lovely though and I won't ever forget her comparison, I think I find myself figuring out what kind of friends relationship other people have nowadays too. I liked her a lot.

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