Friday, 28 November 2014

Etsy Wishlist - November

November has sprung on us quickly! Thus, so has my November wishlist!

I swear I'm part addicted to Etsy, every time I find a new interest I head straight to the damn website and look at all the cool items that have been made by small business'.

I adore buying from small business' too, it's a nice feeling knowing you're buying from someone who's made something themselves and that by buying it you're essentially telling them what they do is pretty awesome.

First on my wishlist, is this completely adorable Fox in Socks Ceramic Sculpture!

There's something about odd looking items that I adore, things that look really unique and where you wouldn't find anything similar in a household close by, BlueFishStudioShop really is wonderful for all those unique and cottage-esque items. 

I love the Fox in Socks sculpture, they also have a Duck with a snorkel that would fit beautifully in any bathroom and wolf in sheepskin sculpture that I'm in love with too.

Granted, these sculptures are a little pricey, this one currently being £79.00, but being handmade and completely beautiful, you can't complain!

The owner does guaranteed next day delivery, tracked and signed for, this fox has a little Dr Seuss feel which is super awesome, and would sit beautifully on a mantelpiece!

Secondly on my wishlist for this month, another Game Of Thrones themed item!

I can't help myself! I love everything and anything to do with the books/show. Knowing that it's impacted so many other people enough to make their own items themed around it! AGH. Crazy!

This is a beautiful keepsake/jewelry box, shaped like a dragon egg, with a stand for the egg to sit on and a sleeping dragon resting on top. How adorable!

On opening it up with its brass hinges, there's a silk lining inside. The scales on the outside are beautifully detailed too. I adore it so much. 

Theres an insane amount of colours that you can get, and this stands at 12" tall for £98.04 by Etsy seller Prissy Kitty Designs, not to mention that she also does dragon egg purses! YAY FOR DRAGON EGGS.

Why do I not have one of these already?!

Finally on my November wishlist! 

Something a bit cheaper! This is the most gorgeous and simple clock I've ever seen. I love wooden looking and rustic items and, true to my usual love for wolves, yet another wolf find! 

This howling wooden wolf clock is sold by SolPixieDust. The seller sells the most incredible wall clocks I've ever seen. 

So simple and beautiful, and there is so many other silhouette pieces, themed around TV and Films. 

The clocks need assembling but come with instructions and for such a small price it truly is one of my favourite finds this month!

Whenever I find my own place, this will be an ULTIMATE must buy. So so pretty and perfect for the wolf lover in your life. With Christmas approaching fast, this is a wonderful must have for even family members.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Song Of The Month - November

I adore the original of this song, but when I found out one of my favourite bands had done a cover?! I fell in love with it. This song reminds me of an old school friend who used to ring people up at ridiculous times one after the other and play this down the phone to us. So not only does it make me laugh, but it makes me happy too. Not to mention the meaning behind the song is pretty awesome (when it's done that is!)

Manchester Orchestra - Escape 
(The Pina Colada Song)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Prawns In A Pasta Bake?!

Yupp! You read that correctly!

Last night was pasta bake night, it comes to the end of the month and money starts running dry. The only solution is to do a big cook of something to store away and have for the next week! 

It HAS to remain tasty and there must be a change of ingredients now and then, you'd get bored with standard cheese and bacon pasta bake (although I don't think I could ever grow tired of bacon).

It was the night before when myself and my boyfriend discussed what was on our current cravings list, which was when prawns came up! Now, I'm a big fan of prawns, I used to dislike them, I found them too plain and watery, but I've grown into my 'adult taste buds' and suddenly prawns are becoming a snack food! 

(Slightly off topic, but I've started to realise that healthy foods such as fish, crab and olives that would usually be considered as 'adult food' is becoming insanely tasty snack food for me, I can have olives on everything now. I came home after an evening out and snacked on pitted olives in brine at 3am, I wasn't even disgusted with myself, I was PROUD)

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture. It looked so incredible and well, I have a 'fella' now...he was hungry and it came out the oven with a golden layer of cheese on top, we pretty much dug in as soon as it came out the oven. NO MESSING.

SO, because I can't SHOW you what it looked like, I'll teach you a
Step by Step 'Prawn and Bacon' pasta bake -

  • Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce of your preference
  • Cheese
  • Prawns
  • Bacon
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
Thats it! Everything we used for our pasta bake is above, there was nothing more, although you can add more vegetables or a different kind of meat, we never with ingredient measurements, we guestimate on what we really fancy and what we want to taste most!

  • Start off by getting a pasta bake dish, pour your pasta into this dish until it's half full, don't forget, pasta expands when being cooked, so only half of the dish is necessary!
  • Pour the pasta from the baking dish into a saucepan of water, and put it on a low heat to boil.
  • Whilst the pasta is starting to cook, start cutting up your vegetables and your meat, you can prepare this before you start cooking, but if there's two of you then you can easily power through the chopping and cutting whilst the pasta is starting to boil. The size of the ingredients is up to you, we usually cut the bacon up into thumb sized pieces, and finely chop the vegetables however your preference is that of your own!
  • Turn the pasta up to a medium heat and give it a stir now that you've finished chopping. Add a little oil to a frying pan at a medium heat and start frying your bacon. Gradually, add the vegetables when the bacon is near done and fry. 
  • By the time this is done the pasta should be finished, so add the prawns to the frying pan with everything else and turn the heat down low. Adding the prawns last prevents them from losing lots of flavour.
  • Whilst the prawns are cooking, drain the pasta of water and then place the pasta back in the saucepan, this is going to be where you add everything together and saves you using another bowl! (Less washing up!)
  • Your ingredients should be nicely fried now, drain any oil from the pan (No one likes a greasy pasta bake) and then add your bacon, prawns and vegetables to your pasta inside the saucepan before stirring to mix it in.
  • Pre-heat your oven at 200°C. Whilst mixing, Slowly add your sauce and stir it in. We used a standard macaroni cheese sauce for ours, but any pasta sauce can be used! 
  • Once you've finished, pour this from the saucepan into the pasta bake dish, it should fill up to the top now that the pasta has expanded and that theres plenty of ingredients inside! Even the dish out and finalise it by grating a layer of cheese on top (Again, however much you want!) Put the dish in the oven for 30 minutes.
And that's it! After the 30 minute mark you should pull out a dish full of pasta that is a crispy golden colour on top. Dish out your meal for you and whoever you're eating with whether a friend, partner or for the whole family. Any leftovers, add to tupperware and freeze until you next fancy a damn delicious meal!

I'm finishing today's blog post by saying, PLEASE, re-test your taste buds! There are so many foods out there, some that you've tried as a child that became an ultimate no-no. Remember we grow up loving McDonalds and now would much rather go for a Subway? As we grow older we become less fussy and I've got to say, bitter tastes become quite nice after trying the odd few ales! There are so many alternative healthy meals that taste just as good and sometimes better than a burger.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Geek Home Decor - Final Fantasy

Time for some Home Decor finds! This time based on the wonderful Final Fantasy! A game I know everyone loves and nobody can fault. 

I found some beautiful artwork pieces that I absolutely adore and other bits and bobs. I think these would be really interesting pieces of work to keep in the house and spark conversation with visitors!

Chocobo Anatomy Art Poster 

Lightning and Serah Watercolour Art

Chocobo and Moogle Keychain

Foo Fighters Tour

Surely you've already heard...right?!


I love the Foo Fighters, they've been around so long that you start to question when the band split is going to happen and if not, when the Foo's are going to downfall with the AWESOME music. 

Theres so many bands who after a couple of albums, change their sound for the worse. Not the Foo's though! They throw out song after song of pure brilliance and I have to admit, are aging like a fine wine. G'wan Grohlsy.

I am completely desperate to go see them on their tour and I'm hoping they add more dates! If not I'm hoping they do more festivals next year. Need to see them! Desperado.

Also, new album is ace. I need to listen to it a few more times but I think I like it more than Wasting Light.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Just a small blogpost about something I remembered and made me smile in the oddest way.

I was with my (now boyfriend) in London. We was there with his colleagues for his works 10th anniversary, and they all bought along their girlfriends/wives.

Halfway through the night (after a fair bit of alcohol) we got to talking to my boyfriends bosses girlfriend. She was ever so lovely but was confused as to how we met.

She claimed that every relationship ever was related to friends somehow, how someone will have there Monica and Chandler or  Rachel and Ross moments. 

After explaining how we met and why we wasn't dating at the time, she couldn't find any example that made us similar to any relationship in FRIENDS, and she looked so heartbroken that her friends theory hadn't come out for our relationship. 

She was really lovely though and I won't ever forget her comparison, I think I find myself figuring out what kind of friends relationship other people have nowadays too. I liked her a lot.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Starbucks - The Gingerbread 'Whitegirl' Latte

I went into Starbucks the other day. THE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION IS BACK!

Ugh, YES. Every year I get excited for the gingerbread latte, I don't know why. Theres just something about it that tickles my taste buds and I adore it, plus the boyfriend hadn't tried the gingerbread latte before and I felt almost offended! Dragged him in for one.

I was disappointed :( It was waaaay too much! It used to actually taste of a coffee with a slight hint of gingerbread on the tip of the tongue.

It was like Starbucks had just crammed a packet full of gingerbread men down my throat. It was super strong. 

I'd like to say in this case that I'd hope it was a one off, but I think Starbucks have just changed there recipe. 

I'm sticking to a standard coffee from now on! But hey, at least it looked christmassy, right?