Friday, 17 October 2014

20th Birthday! Howling Wolves Necklace.

I want to use the term 'Bae' in sarcastic form but secretly I enjoy it and I hate myself for that.
Point being - The boyfriend got me THE best necklace ever ever ever.

When I met him nearly four years ago, we traded beaded surfer necklaces. His broke after wear from pulling it on and off and mine lasted about a year from never taking it off! 

After that broke (Much to my heartbreak/disappointment) He got me a replacement necklace! 

I never told him what to get me but he got me a wolf howling at the moon necklace and it was incredibly sweet because it meant to me that he actually listened when I told him things I liked. 

Two years of wearing that necklace later! It was starting to fall apart. The necklace had suffered hair dye marks on the chain, a little bit of rust from being worn throughout showers and it shine was starting to dull. 

I asked for my 20th birthday (Yepp, getting old now) for a new necklace and found the best one on Etsy! Two wolves howling!

The necklace is two wolf heads, one above the other howling upwards and I adore it. Its all shiny and silver and it's probably my most favourite gift I've ever been given. I absolutely adore it.

Best bae ever?

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