Friday, 17 October 2014

20th Birthday! Howling Wolves Necklace.

I want to use the term 'Bae' in sarcastic form but secretly I enjoy it and I hate myself for that.
Point being - The boyfriend got me THE best necklace ever ever ever.

When I met him nearly four years ago, we traded beaded surfer necklaces. His broke after wear from pulling it on and off and mine lasted about a year from never taking it off! 

After that broke (Much to my heartbreak/disappointment) He got me a replacement necklace! 

I never told him what to get me but he got me a wolf howling at the moon necklace and it was incredibly sweet because it meant to me that he actually listened when I told him things I liked. 

Two years of wearing that necklace later! It was starting to fall apart. The necklace had suffered hair dye marks on the chain, a little bit of rust from being worn throughout showers and it shine was starting to dull. 

I asked for my 20th birthday (Yepp, getting old now) for a new necklace and found the best one on Etsy! Two wolves howling!

The necklace is two wolf heads, one above the other howling upwards and I adore it. Its all shiny and silver and it's probably my most favourite gift I've ever been given. I absolutely adore it.

Best bae ever?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Moving & The Joys Of Building Furniture With Men.

Just recently I moved up to greater Manchester, it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time and I finally did! I have a wonderful friend who is helping me out and everything is fantastic right now! 

I spent my evening building furniture from Ikea, it's quite joyous when you get something right and follow the instructions to ensure its done the right way and have a male confess to another that you more than helped. It's quite nice putting a room together with someone else. Teamwork! Builders bums and lots of tea whilst the smell of baked potatoes in the oven lingers!

I'm looking forward to the day it's my turn to go all out with furniture building. Ikea will indefinitely be a pit stop for my future home simply because I want to build everything myself! I enjoy creating even by building, turning a couple of pieces of wood into draws and tabletops is undeniably just as exciting as buying stationary. Whats even better is dusting off the finishing products and sorting out what you want in/on that item, seeing everything clean and finished before looking around to see what you've achieved? Incredible!

Just a quick update on whats going on with me! 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lee Evans - Monsters

Back in February I saw that Lee Evans was going on tour again! I have Evans' boxset (That I lent to a friend who has no idea where it's gone unfortunately.) He's a fantastic comedian that I've watched so many times I can repeat his jokes off by heart.

When I first met my close friend nearly 4 years ago, we spent a long time watching Lee Evans DVD's together! So I felt like it was only right that together we went for our birthdays since they're so close together.

Buying the tickets back in February and receiving them about a month before the date, I was completely over the moon with excitement that my first comedy gig would be with my best friend AND with one of my all time favourite comedians too.

We arrived at Manchester phones4u arena at around half 7 to find our seats, grabbing a couple of drinks and finding the loo's among the enormous arena before the show started. Evans came onto the stage and immediately within seconds the crowd was laughing, curious as to why he was holding on to the microphone stand still before mentioning how it 'is Manchester on a Friday night'.

The set lasted around 2 hours with a supposed 10 minute break that turned into 30 minutes, however my jaw hurt so bad from smiling I needed the break! His routine equally as hilarious as his other tours was such a fantastic thing to see, that Lee hadn't lost his touch since having a short break from his last tour.

My only regret was seeing people leave early, the show started around 8 and did overrun on time for a bit, but knowing that some people were leaving specifically to miss the hectic traffic that would come after the show knowing it was near its end was a shame. However, they missed out on Lee's Queen rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Lee finished the show as always talking about his wife and how much he adores her, something that makes me adore him as a comedian is the love he has for his fans and family, always thanking them, he finished with a song for her (since they've been married 30 years!) in a sparkling silver suit jacket. After finishing the performance and saying goodbye he remembered a request from a member of the audience and said he couldn't go without doing his last piece, the bohemian rhapsody performance; and so he did!

The crowd, myself and my friend sang it at the top of our lungs with Lee performing and there was so much laughter at his work, I'm so glad I got to see Lee Evans live, but seeing him perform one of his most loved pieces of work was wonderful. I plan on seeing Lee Evans again in the future as well as many other comedians! 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Etsy Wishlist - October

It's October! Autumn has struck and so has Halloween season!

As you know, I adore Etsy! There's so many things I find on there that I know right at this moment in time is a super unecessary purchase, but I want it all anyway, such as this beautiful leather hand printed journal! 

Lord of the Rings themed! I love journals but I never know what to put inside them! I have endless wishlists full of journals, mostly leather or themed and I'm determined one day I'll find a reason to get one! 

I have a journal that's nearly full of items I've kept (Train tickets, flight tickets, concert tickets ect) and I love it more than anything! It's my 'one item I would take if my house was on fire' and has been since I got it for my 16th birthday!

 I think when I've finally filled it up this may be my next journal purchase to continue my journal of memories! This journal is from 'Inblue', 100% cowhide and printed in solvent fade-free ink, it's perfect for lasting! 4x6 inches in size, it's off-white pages will provide an older and more rural feel to it. For around £16, it's cheap as chips for something so lovely. A definite must have! (Also who doesn't love LOTR?!)

Secondly on my October wishlist, thinking of Halloween coming up, is this super awesome Zombie Animal Wolf Family! A resin figurine on a family of wolves, hand painted in acrylics with a gloss coat finish at 5 inches long and 4 tall, it's a perfect figurine that can sit on the mantelpiece/shelf. 

It's very simple with a fair bit of detail in the wolf fur, but I adore it. I'm a huge fan of wolves, this is a very bold colour on the wolves however perfect for the season. I'd like to hope my future home has changes in the house every now and then to liven up my 'living experience' and if that means putting away spring flowers for autumn colours and fake cobwebs then this is 100% a must have!

It's only around £13 right now and the shop (maforet) accepts Etsy gift cards, I love this shop, they also do a zombie bear and bunny figurines and do glass terrariums with Pokemon figurines in them! They look fantastic too and I love the idea of bringing the outdoors indoor (Perfect for every season?! Say whhhaaat?!)

I love these little wolf figurines and I hope that my future home includes them!

Finally for this months wishlist, my favourite that I have been eyeing up for weeks, is this Kraken Vase.

I love Octopi, I find them truly fascinating. The way they move and how smart they are as well as strong. I also adore home decor that's a little bit unusual and uncommon, things that guests question where you got it from because they want one too. I guess you could say I just like things that are a little bit weird really, or qwerky, depending on how you see it! 

I spotted this on Etsy and fell in love with it instantly, the shop (Dellamorteco) also sell Octopi candlestick holders which are incredibly beautiful, and I can imagine them being an insane statement piece in the hallway with the vase! I also know a lovely young woman who I hardly know but know enough that if we was closer I would buy her the anatomical heart vase for Christmas/her birthday! 

Both pieces are insanely beautiful and I want them so badly! The shop does some incredible pieces other than these, and for what they are they're considerably cheap for around £80 a vase, thats for a hand painted resin vase that's just recently consistently been in the popular section of Etsy AND has 5* from customer reviews. (So you know its good stuff!) 

I want absloutely everything from this shop, its truly beautiful work and I would pay the price to have such a unique item in my home. I will 100% be getting one of these! PLEASE visit this shop! I recommend it without a doubt!