Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Furry Child! - Keke

In 2012, I saw a photo of a pair of kittens one of which needed a home and got asked if I wanted it, this is that photo. The sweetest ball of fluff I ever did see. My answer was very obvious.

I came home and got this sweet bundle of joy placed into my hands and teared up at how wonderfully tiny she was, perfect beyond belief! Watching her slowly get used to her surroundings and her waiting in the window for me to get back from sixth form, she would willfully choose to sleep beside me and was the most playful and harmless feline friend! 

She would sit with me (or rather on top of my equipment) when I was sketching, fall asleep on me when I was watching TV and think that laying on top of all my coursework was incredibly helpful!
She was and always has been both relaxed and playful, a true character and a friend more than a pet. When upset she would lay with me and when I left for a week she would greet me by the door and cry for me to pick her up when I returned.

Two years later, she got herself a little brother! Which meant of course, it was time for a vet appointment. I took her in and she got a check up before leaving her to get her operation (looking absolutely terrified and making me feel incredibly guilty for leaving her there)

I picked her up later that day to a very sleepy keeks! She had a bandage on her arm (which had roosters on it, pretty cute) and a shaved patch with some stitches! 

She ended up sleeping in my room for the next four weeks so that I could keep an eye on her so she didn't bite them and that the other cats wouldnt play too roughly with her! Her angsty teen days had quit and she became dependent on me for love and attention for those four weeks!

Keke is most definitely back in her teen stage right now, shes a complete brat that runs back and forth sliding along the wooden flooring like a kid in cotton socks! Spends her days being told off for climbing on top of the TV and runs up to me and meows sticking her tongue out like a goat when she wants food! The prettiest of faces.

I am the proudest owner ever! She is the most beautiful little kitten that loves everyone she comes in contact with, she loves every dog, every cat and every human she sees, shes adventurous and playful and my tiny best friend. 

All cats have different characteristics about them and all of them are different, thats the great thing about them, some are very independent, others not so much. Some want to jump around and have a fuss every 10 minutes, others just want to sleep! There's a kitten friend for everyone and they are incredibly loving friends indeed! 110% consider getting one! But not Keke...Keke is mine!

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