Thursday, 19 June 2014

Manchester Orchestra - Second Prints

Introduced to the fantastic Manchester Orchestra around two years back, it wasn't until about a year ago when my love for this band arose. 

Colly Strings was a song that for some reason meant a lot to me, I was never able to determine why, I couldn't relate to the entire song, but three sentences stuck out to me. All relating to someone I deeply cared for and I guess it's why the song meant so much to me.

I was pushed on to listening to the Simple Math

album, since my knowledge on the band was pretty scarce and I'd only really listened to Colly Strings over and over and over get the point. I completely fell in love with Simple Math, Leave It Alone was an easy favourite and the music videos were incredible I felt like it was the only album I'd listened to for months! 

I've been desperately wanting to start collecting vinyl for a while now, I like owning CDs too, physical copies of something you love seems much nicer than an iTunes download, but there was something about the idea of owning a record player and a box of my most loved music on vinyl that made me eagerly excited to listen to music more. 

Finding out Manchester Orchestra have done second prints of 'I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child', 'Mean Everything To Nothing' and 'Simple Math' made me a very happy lady! The collection of the three is $60 (plus a pretty expensive shipping cost) However rounds up to about £51 for UK fans! Something I'd be more than willing to look past shipping costs for!

I can't wait to buy, receive and review those beauties. I will keep you all posted!

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