Friday, 27 June 2014

Cards Against Humanity

I'd first heard about this game from watching a youtuber named GoldGlove stream it one evening online, I adored the way it was a card game for those with a twisted sense of humour.

To those who don't know what cards against humanity is? It's exactly that. A party game for 4-20 players. Each round their is a new card Czar who picks up and reads out a black card, this black card has a blank space that needs to be filled or is a question that needs to be answered by the rest of the players.

All players have 10 white cards in their hand in which they can choose from to answer, the card czar then reads the answers out loud and picks the card that fits the most or is the most humorous.

Whoever's card was picked, wins that round


Card czar picks out a card and reads: "BLANK - Thats how I want to die"

Ten example answer cards are: Full frontal nudity, masturbation, laying an egg, pretending to care, the pirates life, being hunted like a fox, crippling debt, silence, growing a pair or an erection that lasts longer than four hours.

From this you would pick the best possible card to answer the card, before the card czar shuffles them and reads them aloud. Best card wins.

I knew it was something I wanted for myself, but £20 for what seemed like a pack of cards seemed pushing my price range, by a lot. Although after getting paid? I thought I'd treat myself! Something for me that I could play with others, guaranteed more than a single laugh on more than a single occasion.

I ordered it from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised with the size of the box, 550 cards in total. 460 white (answer cards) and 90 black (question cards). I can't wait to take this out in the next couple of weeks and have a few games accompanied with a couple of drinks! All for an excellent night.

All in all, an excellent purchase. 5/5!

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