Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hollingworth Lake

I can not explain how much I love this place, I wish I lived closer because the walk around Hollingworth Lake is one I wish I could do everyday whether it be with a friend or a pet. This was my 3rd time visiting the lake and not even the miserable weather could dampen my adoration. 

I don't know a lot of history about the lake, only that it used to be quite popular many years ago and that families would go there for day trips. I think its pretty obvious from the shops around the lake which remind you of being at the beach such as arcades and beach like fish and chip shops of course not forgetting 'The Beach' located right beside the lake that its a very popular place. 

Its the prettiest place I've been too, the water sparkles and looks incredible in the evening. A couple of boats here and there and the odd person getting their feet wet on the rocks. It's honestly one of the most lovely places to spend a day at and I adore it. 

The walk is a good 30 minutes if you're just walking straight around it, although there's a cafe, childrens park and plenty of picnic spaces and of course an incredible view, so I can't see how anyone could or would want to walk around the lake in less than an hour! 

I was a goofball and decided to take my crappy camera out, so the only decent picture I have is from my phone which doesn't do it any justice! But I love it here and will continue to visit as often as I possibly can, more so in the summer when it's a little warmer for someone like me who hates the cold!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick - Wine 107

I've always been tempted to wear lipstick but I always managed to scare away from them in fear that it wouldn't suit me and the fact that I felt very unconfident, but with a couple of pushes, admiring those who could pull it off and reading a few reviews myself I decided I'd go purchase one.

I knew initially that I wanted to go for a red, I know I'm way too pale for a purple or black lipstick to suit me personally and I would of found no point in buying a pink lipstick when my lips are already quite a deep pink colour, make up is not my forte so walking into a store to be faced with 100's of different lipsticks and colours makes me indecisive, from reviews I'd seen before I went straight to Rimmels Kate Moss selection.

Personally, I'm not a fan of shiny lipsticks with a glossy finish,so I ruled out Kate Moss' lasting finish and Spring collection products to be left with the Matte collection, which also helped me with my choice down to their being 5 colour options available, 101- Soft Pink, 107 - Wine, 110 - Vibrant Coral, 111 - Kiss Of Life and 113 - Beige. The coral looked a little too orange for me and the 'Kiss Of Life' was quite bright so I ended up going for the wine. 

The wine is a really great colour, there's a slight purple feel to it when looking at the lipstick itself, but it does go on really smoothly and in that deep wine colour it claims to be. I do feel that a lot needs to be patted off after applying to avoid it coming off easily when eating/drinking and there's a slight smell to the lipstick however its not foul. After hours of wearing and it losing its colour it doesn't look odd but rather a natural lip colour despite not being.  

I bought mine from boots, at a cheap price of just £5.49, with a bit more confidence I'll be wearing it more often and I would definitely buy it again. 5/5!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blog Changes For 2014 -

I apologise for the lack of blog posts, trying to satisfy everyone by being active in their lives becomes difficult when you just want to rest in the Winter months. I will be trying to update more regularly this year by adding more than just reviews to keep my blog active such as: 

Recipes - In which I plan on baking and cooking a lot more, so hopefully some recipes are on their way.
Recommendations - I tried one out last year and thoroughly enjoyed writing.
Tips & tricks - As you get older, tips & tricks for almost anything get passed down/discovered. What better way than to share them!
Online shopping favourites - I've found a lot of stores I would love to buy from and encourage others to do the same.
Outdoor adventures! - I'm hoping this year will include a lot more UK adventures, taking out my camera more and buying a pair of walking boots will be a pretty simple step towards a happier and healthy lifestyle. 

Unfortunately reviews take up a hell of a lot of time and free time to myself tends to be spent on sleeping, looking for work or travelling. All three of which are time consuming, but more helpful in the long run for me (ahh the joys of selfishness). Adding new ideas to the blog will help keep it up to date so you know I'm still here, even if posts are shorter than my essay-type reviews. However, this change may be a better turn and add interest! Win win!