Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Moving Out, Returning Home For New Year, My Resolutions.

As you might of read, I moved out in October! The past two months have been fantastic and I have never felt so happy in my entire life. Its what I wanted to do for so long, and now thats happened I don't know what to do with myself!

I went back down South for Christmas to see my family, it was something I was dreading because I had to tell my family I was moving out for good because I liked it up North but everything 'went better than expected!' 

After Christmas (In which I completely fattened myself up with so much food, I mean, seriously...so much food. I had chicken, mash, vegetables, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, gravy, chocolate, lemon cake, some pina colada flavoured cake with coconut sprinkles, pigs in blankets AND chocolate. I'm probably like 1043728 stone now) I plan on going back home with yet ANOTHER suitcase to try and move some more of my stuff up north. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing the boyfriend. It's been really odd not seeing him everyday. Having him fart on me or snore in my ear whilst I'm clinging on to the bed for dear life...it's weird how you miss even the little things. 

Admittedly I've been getting grumpy every now and then without him about. He makes me a much happier and positive person, so I miss having him around. 

Now that I've explained I'm moving out for good, I'm really excited to think about my future. (I think I have a slight home decor obsession, luckily I think my boyfriend has the same love for it as I do, I only know this because of hearing him say "Fuckin' love Clas Ohlson" so I've definitely found someone who shares my same 'adult life loves') I need to get another side table for the bed and we've spoke about getting a smaller wardrobe since ours is (although a great size) too awkward for our bedroom, which is an attic room, which is obviously oddly shaped.

I've given thought to what my new years resolutions might be for the upcoming 2015, I guess those would be:

  • Find a job (preferably one I like where I get treated like a human being, my last job was pretty awful at that)
  • Move out of my current house with my boyfriend into a place of our own! (I like our roomates, but not enough to tidy up after them whenever they make a mess!)
  • Take more photos! - I've essentially just started my life and future, I want to make sure it's documented in photo form, plus I'm seriously lacking photos from the past 2 years. I basically became part hobbit minus the hairy feet. Time to have fun!
I think 3 resolutions is enough, and they're pretty realistic targets for the year! Last blog post of 2014. I hope everyone had a great year!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Song Of The Month - December

Absolutely obsessed with the Awesome Mix right now after watching guardians of the galaxy, I find myself listening to this song on a daily basis, and the boyfriend listens to it in the shower so it's forever stuck in my head!

Thanks Guardians of the Galaxy! 

Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Geek Home Decor - Guardians Of The Galaxy

I have a thing for home decor, any store or online shop that has home decor I can sift through for hours picking out all the things I want for my future home, signing up for all the websites so that I can add things I like to a wishlist. 

I'm a complete sucker for decor! Nerdy decor? Even better. 

Just recently I watched Guardians of the Galaxy (and fell in love with Groot and Rocket) so, me being me I decided to search for all things Groot and Rocket related. Here are my favourite finds!

 Rocket and Groot Coffee Mug

Rocket Raccoon Fan Art Print

Rocket Raccoon Film Quote Leather Bracelet

Groot Watercolour Download Print

Guardians of the Galaxy Pin Brooch or Magnet (Rocket, Groot, StarLord)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

One Gift To Please An Entire Family (Including Lots Of Laughter)

We all know how painful Christmas shopping is.

There are so many different people in the world who try Christmas differently.
Some people start Christmas shopping as soon as the Autumn starts, others start straight after Christmas passes and the new year comes in. Others (like myself) leave it to the last month and handle Christmas by avoiding shops and ordering online, or taking a long and painful Christmas eve to do the last minute everything.

When it comes to families, it seems like we write a list out for everyone, but what if you can get all your family with not only ONE gift, but something sentimental?

I recently saw a photo article of two brothers, reenacting their childhood photos, using similar clothes and backgrounds almost exact to the ones in their childhood photos. I jokingly told my boyfriend he should do the same with his brothers for Christmas, a couple of nudges here and there and we really did it! 

First off, anyone can do this, as long as you know someone with a decent camera and some (hopefully hilarious) childhood photos.

Secondly if you are helping, watching the photos or even taking the photos? Is absolutely hilarious. I watched my boyfriend put on his sister in laws crop top just to get the right colour shirt and seeing his brothers do big cheesy grins with mouthfuls of bread put me in stitches. Trying to hold my camera straight whilst a 22 year old man lay across his 25 and 27 year old brothers wrapped in a blanket like he's a few months old again? You can only imagine it!

Putting the new photos next to the old and going online to put them into a book is easy peasy! All you have to do is wait!

This gift not only becomes something fun for you to take part in, but can be a gift for mum and dad, nans and grandads, aunts and uncles! It really hits the nail on the head!

When I get back home, I'll include a couple of photos!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Etsy Wishlist - November

November has sprung on us quickly! Thus, so has my November wishlist!

I swear I'm part addicted to Etsy, every time I find a new interest I head straight to the damn website and look at all the cool items that have been made by small business'.

I adore buying from small business' too, it's a nice feeling knowing you're buying from someone who's made something themselves and that by buying it you're essentially telling them what they do is pretty awesome.

First on my wishlist, is this completely adorable Fox in Socks Ceramic Sculpture!

There's something about odd looking items that I adore, things that look really unique and where you wouldn't find anything similar in a household close by, BlueFishStudioShop really is wonderful for all those unique and cottage-esque items. 

I love the Fox in Socks sculpture, they also have a Duck with a snorkel that would fit beautifully in any bathroom and wolf in sheepskin sculpture that I'm in love with too.

Granted, these sculptures are a little pricey, this one currently being £79.00, but being handmade and completely beautiful, you can't complain!

The owner does guaranteed next day delivery, tracked and signed for, this fox has a little Dr Seuss feel which is super awesome, and would sit beautifully on a mantelpiece!

Secondly on my wishlist for this month, another Game Of Thrones themed item!

I can't help myself! I love everything and anything to do with the books/show. Knowing that it's impacted so many other people enough to make their own items themed around it! AGH. Crazy!

This is a beautiful keepsake/jewelry box, shaped like a dragon egg, with a stand for the egg to sit on and a sleeping dragon resting on top. How adorable!

On opening it up with its brass hinges, there's a silk lining inside. The scales on the outside are beautifully detailed too. I adore it so much. 

Theres an insane amount of colours that you can get, and this stands at 12" tall for £98.04 by Etsy seller Prissy Kitty Designs, not to mention that she also does dragon egg purses! YAY FOR DRAGON EGGS.

Why do I not have one of these already?!

Finally on my November wishlist! 

Something a bit cheaper! This is the most gorgeous and simple clock I've ever seen. I love wooden looking and rustic items and, true to my usual love for wolves, yet another wolf find! 

This howling wooden wolf clock is sold by SolPixieDust. The seller sells the most incredible wall clocks I've ever seen. 

So simple and beautiful, and there is so many other silhouette pieces, themed around TV and Films. 

The clocks need assembling but come with instructions and for such a small price it truly is one of my favourite finds this month!

Whenever I find my own place, this will be an ULTIMATE must buy. So so pretty and perfect for the wolf lover in your life. With Christmas approaching fast, this is a wonderful must have for even family members.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Song Of The Month - November

I adore the original of this song, but when I found out one of my favourite bands had done a cover?! I fell in love with it. This song reminds me of an old school friend who used to ring people up at ridiculous times one after the other and play this down the phone to us. So not only does it make me laugh, but it makes me happy too. Not to mention the meaning behind the song is pretty awesome (when it's done that is!)

Manchester Orchestra - Escape 
(The Pina Colada Song)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Prawns In A Pasta Bake?!

Yupp! You read that correctly!

Last night was pasta bake night, it comes to the end of the month and money starts running dry. The only solution is to do a big cook of something to store away and have for the next week! 

It HAS to remain tasty and there must be a change of ingredients now and then, you'd get bored with standard cheese and bacon pasta bake (although I don't think I could ever grow tired of bacon).

It was the night before when myself and my boyfriend discussed what was on our current cravings list, which was when prawns came up! Now, I'm a big fan of prawns, I used to dislike them, I found them too plain and watery, but I've grown into my 'adult taste buds' and suddenly prawns are becoming a snack food! 

(Slightly off topic, but I've started to realise that healthy foods such as fish, crab and olives that would usually be considered as 'adult food' is becoming insanely tasty snack food for me, I can have olives on everything now. I came home after an evening out and snacked on pitted olives in brine at 3am, I wasn't even disgusted with myself, I was PROUD)

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture. It looked so incredible and well, I have a 'fella' now...he was hungry and it came out the oven with a golden layer of cheese on top, we pretty much dug in as soon as it came out the oven. NO MESSING.

SO, because I can't SHOW you what it looked like, I'll teach you a
Step by Step 'Prawn and Bacon' pasta bake -

  • Pasta
  • Pasta Sauce of your preference
  • Cheese
  • Prawns
  • Bacon
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
Thats it! Everything we used for our pasta bake is above, there was nothing more, although you can add more vegetables or a different kind of meat, we never with ingredient measurements, we guestimate on what we really fancy and what we want to taste most!

  • Start off by getting a pasta bake dish, pour your pasta into this dish until it's half full, don't forget, pasta expands when being cooked, so only half of the dish is necessary!
  • Pour the pasta from the baking dish into a saucepan of water, and put it on a low heat to boil.
  • Whilst the pasta is starting to cook, start cutting up your vegetables and your meat, you can prepare this before you start cooking, but if there's two of you then you can easily power through the chopping and cutting whilst the pasta is starting to boil. The size of the ingredients is up to you, we usually cut the bacon up into thumb sized pieces, and finely chop the vegetables however your preference is that of your own!
  • Turn the pasta up to a medium heat and give it a stir now that you've finished chopping. Add a little oil to a frying pan at a medium heat and start frying your bacon. Gradually, add the vegetables when the bacon is near done and fry. 
  • By the time this is done the pasta should be finished, so add the prawns to the frying pan with everything else and turn the heat down low. Adding the prawns last prevents them from losing lots of flavour.
  • Whilst the prawns are cooking, drain the pasta of water and then place the pasta back in the saucepan, this is going to be where you add everything together and saves you using another bowl! (Less washing up!)
  • Your ingredients should be nicely fried now, drain any oil from the pan (No one likes a greasy pasta bake) and then add your bacon, prawns and vegetables to your pasta inside the saucepan before stirring to mix it in.
  • Pre-heat your oven at 200°C. Whilst mixing, Slowly add your sauce and stir it in. We used a standard macaroni cheese sauce for ours, but any pasta sauce can be used! 
  • Once you've finished, pour this from the saucepan into the pasta bake dish, it should fill up to the top now that the pasta has expanded and that theres plenty of ingredients inside! Even the dish out and finalise it by grating a layer of cheese on top (Again, however much you want!) Put the dish in the oven for 30 minutes.
And that's it! After the 30 minute mark you should pull out a dish full of pasta that is a crispy golden colour on top. Dish out your meal for you and whoever you're eating with whether a friend, partner or for the whole family. Any leftovers, add to tupperware and freeze until you next fancy a damn delicious meal!

I'm finishing today's blog post by saying, PLEASE, re-test your taste buds! There are so many foods out there, some that you've tried as a child that became an ultimate no-no. Remember we grow up loving McDonalds and now would much rather go for a Subway? As we grow older we become less fussy and I've got to say, bitter tastes become quite nice after trying the odd few ales! There are so many alternative healthy meals that taste just as good and sometimes better than a burger.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Geek Home Decor - Final Fantasy

Time for some Home Decor finds! This time based on the wonderful Final Fantasy! A game I know everyone loves and nobody can fault. 

I found some beautiful artwork pieces that I absolutely adore and other bits and bobs. I think these would be really interesting pieces of work to keep in the house and spark conversation with visitors!

Chocobo Anatomy Art Poster 

Lightning and Serah Watercolour Art

Chocobo and Moogle Keychain

Foo Fighters Tour

Surely you've already heard...right?!


I love the Foo Fighters, they've been around so long that you start to question when the band split is going to happen and if not, when the Foo's are going to downfall with the AWESOME music. 

Theres so many bands who after a couple of albums, change their sound for the worse. Not the Foo's though! They throw out song after song of pure brilliance and I have to admit, are aging like a fine wine. G'wan Grohlsy.

I am completely desperate to go see them on their tour and I'm hoping they add more dates! If not I'm hoping they do more festivals next year. Need to see them! Desperado.

Also, new album is ace. I need to listen to it a few more times but I think I like it more than Wasting Light.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Just a small blogpost about something I remembered and made me smile in the oddest way.

I was with my (now boyfriend) in London. We was there with his colleagues for his works 10th anniversary, and they all bought along their girlfriends/wives.

Halfway through the night (after a fair bit of alcohol) we got to talking to my boyfriends bosses girlfriend. She was ever so lovely but was confused as to how we met.

She claimed that every relationship ever was related to friends somehow, how someone will have there Monica and Chandler or  Rachel and Ross moments. 

After explaining how we met and why we wasn't dating at the time, she couldn't find any example that made us similar to any relationship in FRIENDS, and she looked so heartbroken that her friends theory hadn't come out for our relationship. 

She was really lovely though and I won't ever forget her comparison, I think I find myself figuring out what kind of friends relationship other people have nowadays too. I liked her a lot.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Starbucks - The Gingerbread 'Whitegirl' Latte

I went into Starbucks the other day. THE CHRISTMAS COLLECTION IS BACK!

Ugh, YES. Every year I get excited for the gingerbread latte, I don't know why. Theres just something about it that tickles my taste buds and I adore it, plus the boyfriend hadn't tried the gingerbread latte before and I felt almost offended! Dragged him in for one.

I was disappointed :( It was waaaay too much! It used to actually taste of a coffee with a slight hint of gingerbread on the tip of the tongue.

It was like Starbucks had just crammed a packet full of gingerbread men down my throat. It was super strong. 

I'd like to say in this case that I'd hope it was a one off, but I think Starbucks have just changed there recipe. 

I'm sticking to a standard coffee from now on! But hey, at least it looked christmassy, right?

Friday, 17 October 2014

20th Birthday! Howling Wolves Necklace.

I want to use the term 'Bae' in sarcastic form but secretly I enjoy it and I hate myself for that.
Point being - The boyfriend got me THE best necklace ever ever ever.

When I met him nearly four years ago, we traded beaded surfer necklaces. His broke after wear from pulling it on and off and mine lasted about a year from never taking it off! 

After that broke (Much to my heartbreak/disappointment) He got me a replacement necklace! 

I never told him what to get me but he got me a wolf howling at the moon necklace and it was incredibly sweet because it meant to me that he actually listened when I told him things I liked. 

Two years of wearing that necklace later! It was starting to fall apart. The necklace had suffered hair dye marks on the chain, a little bit of rust from being worn throughout showers and it shine was starting to dull. 

I asked for my 20th birthday (Yepp, getting old now) for a new necklace and found the best one on Etsy! Two wolves howling!

The necklace is two wolf heads, one above the other howling upwards and I adore it. Its all shiny and silver and it's probably my most favourite gift I've ever been given. I absolutely adore it.

Best bae ever?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Moving & The Joys Of Building Furniture With Men.

Just recently I moved up to greater Manchester, it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time and I finally did! I have a wonderful friend who is helping me out and everything is fantastic right now! 

I spent my evening building furniture from Ikea, it's quite joyous when you get something right and follow the instructions to ensure its done the right way and have a male confess to another that you more than helped. It's quite nice putting a room together with someone else. Teamwork! Builders bums and lots of tea whilst the smell of baked potatoes in the oven lingers!

I'm looking forward to the day it's my turn to go all out with furniture building. Ikea will indefinitely be a pit stop for my future home simply because I want to build everything myself! I enjoy creating even by building, turning a couple of pieces of wood into draws and tabletops is undeniably just as exciting as buying stationary. Whats even better is dusting off the finishing products and sorting out what you want in/on that item, seeing everything clean and finished before looking around to see what you've achieved? Incredible!

Just a quick update on whats going on with me! 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lee Evans - Monsters

Back in February I saw that Lee Evans was going on tour again! I have Evans' boxset (That I lent to a friend who has no idea where it's gone unfortunately.) He's a fantastic comedian that I've watched so many times I can repeat his jokes off by heart.

When I first met my close friend nearly 4 years ago, we spent a long time watching Lee Evans DVD's together! So I felt like it was only right that together we went for our birthdays since they're so close together.

Buying the tickets back in February and receiving them about a month before the date, I was completely over the moon with excitement that my first comedy gig would be with my best friend AND with one of my all time favourite comedians too.

We arrived at Manchester phones4u arena at around half 7 to find our seats, grabbing a couple of drinks and finding the loo's among the enormous arena before the show started. Evans came onto the stage and immediately within seconds the crowd was laughing, curious as to why he was holding on to the microphone stand still before mentioning how it 'is Manchester on a Friday night'.

The set lasted around 2 hours with a supposed 10 minute break that turned into 30 minutes, however my jaw hurt so bad from smiling I needed the break! His routine equally as hilarious as his other tours was such a fantastic thing to see, that Lee hadn't lost his touch since having a short break from his last tour.

My only regret was seeing people leave early, the show started around 8 and did overrun on time for a bit, but knowing that some people were leaving specifically to miss the hectic traffic that would come after the show knowing it was near its end was a shame. However, they missed out on Lee's Queen rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Lee finished the show as always talking about his wife and how much he adores her, something that makes me adore him as a comedian is the love he has for his fans and family, always thanking them, he finished with a song for her (since they've been married 30 years!) in a sparkling silver suit jacket. After finishing the performance and saying goodbye he remembered a request from a member of the audience and said he couldn't go without doing his last piece, the bohemian rhapsody performance; and so he did!

The crowd, myself and my friend sang it at the top of our lungs with Lee performing and there was so much laughter at his work, I'm so glad I got to see Lee Evans live, but seeing him perform one of his most loved pieces of work was wonderful. I plan on seeing Lee Evans again in the future as well as many other comedians! 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Etsy Wishlist - October

It's October! Autumn has struck and so has Halloween season!

As you know, I adore Etsy! There's so many things I find on there that I know right at this moment in time is a super unecessary purchase, but I want it all anyway, such as this beautiful leather hand printed journal! 

Lord of the Rings themed! I love journals but I never know what to put inside them! I have endless wishlists full of journals, mostly leather or themed and I'm determined one day I'll find a reason to get one! 

I have a journal that's nearly full of items I've kept (Train tickets, flight tickets, concert tickets ect) and I love it more than anything! It's my 'one item I would take if my house was on fire' and has been since I got it for my 16th birthday!

 I think when I've finally filled it up this may be my next journal purchase to continue my journal of memories! This journal is from 'Inblue', 100% cowhide and printed in solvent fade-free ink, it's perfect for lasting! 4x6 inches in size, it's off-white pages will provide an older and more rural feel to it. For around £16, it's cheap as chips for something so lovely. A definite must have! (Also who doesn't love LOTR?!)

Secondly on my October wishlist, thinking of Halloween coming up, is this super awesome Zombie Animal Wolf Family! A resin figurine on a family of wolves, hand painted in acrylics with a gloss coat finish at 5 inches long and 4 tall, it's a perfect figurine that can sit on the mantelpiece/shelf. 

It's very simple with a fair bit of detail in the wolf fur, but I adore it. I'm a huge fan of wolves, this is a very bold colour on the wolves however perfect for the season. I'd like to hope my future home has changes in the house every now and then to liven up my 'living experience' and if that means putting away spring flowers for autumn colours and fake cobwebs then this is 100% a must have!

It's only around £13 right now and the shop (maforet) accepts Etsy gift cards, I love this shop, they also do a zombie bear and bunny figurines and do glass terrariums with Pokemon figurines in them! They look fantastic too and I love the idea of bringing the outdoors indoor (Perfect for every season?! Say whhhaaat?!)

I love these little wolf figurines and I hope that my future home includes them!

Finally for this months wishlist, my favourite that I have been eyeing up for weeks, is this Kraken Vase.

I love Octopi, I find them truly fascinating. The way they move and how smart they are as well as strong. I also adore home decor that's a little bit unusual and uncommon, things that guests question where you got it from because they want one too. I guess you could say I just like things that are a little bit weird really, or qwerky, depending on how you see it! 

I spotted this on Etsy and fell in love with it instantly, the shop (Dellamorteco) also sell Octopi candlestick holders which are incredibly beautiful, and I can imagine them being an insane statement piece in the hallway with the vase! I also know a lovely young woman who I hardly know but know enough that if we was closer I would buy her the anatomical heart vase for Christmas/her birthday! 

Both pieces are insanely beautiful and I want them so badly! The shop does some incredible pieces other than these, and for what they are they're considerably cheap for around £80 a vase, thats for a hand painted resin vase that's just recently consistently been in the popular section of Etsy AND has 5* from customer reviews. (So you know its good stuff!) 

I want absloutely everything from this shop, its truly beautiful work and I would pay the price to have such a unique item in my home. I will 100% be getting one of these! PLEASE visit this shop! I recommend it without a doubt!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Etsy Wishlist - September

September is in and therefore so is my September Etsy wishlist!

First on my wishlist this month are these completely fantastic Pokemon trading card energy towels! Anyone who truly knows me will know as a kid my entire room was Pokemon themed, I had the curtains, the duvet covers, the beanbag, the throw pillows, teddies and the blankets! Of course, not forgetting a folder FULL of the trading cards, I absolutely loved them and I disappointingly got rid of them (WHY DID I DO THAT?!) 

However, I stumbled upon these incredible towels and they went straight into my wish list! Bright and colourful with the energy card symbols embroidered onto them! They look so fantastic and I know right now for me it would be a pointless buy, but they are 110% on my wishlist for the future! These come from the United States from Etsy shop 'InspiredByNerd' with the choice of having them as both bath, beach and hand towels!

Secondly on my wishlist this month is this beautiful sterling silver and brass feathered stacking ring! Its really tiny but elegant looking and comes from my favourite place, Canada! ZhivanaDesigns makes modern everyday jewelry that looks beautiful. 

I'm very simple when it comes to rings, as long as it's simple and doesn't look too heavy for my hand! Then it's a definite yes! With its mix of silver and brass colouring, this hand designed ring would go with everything and anything! It's a very boho design and would look fantastic as an accessory with Summer and Autumn clothing!

Finally on this months wishlist, nothing other than an expected Game of Thrones handmade item! I've followed RoobyLane's shop for months, a geeky TV based clothing shop featuring scarves and skirts, it's truly one of my favourite Etsy shops! What I'm after? This super Map of Westeros Game of Thrones throw cushion! 

I am going to have to be wrestled in my future home not to buy a hundred thousand different cushions because I love them so much! Usually my throw pillow wish list is a collection from society 6, but not anymore! This one is a bright blue with the standard map and map of the free cities. I am a HUGE Thrones fan, so this is one I am definitely adding to the wishlist! 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hair Care Using Grapeseed Oil

I don't have the most beautiful hair in the world, I've been trying to grow it out for years as well as switching from product to product to keep it in good condition, I cut down on how much I was dying it a few years ago (Honestly, right now I have blonde bleached in underneath my fringe and just underneath the sides of my hair in front of my ears to keep it looking even, that was bleached in during May, since then I haven't done my roots, it's not great!) plus with naturally medium thick and wavey hair it becomes difficult to maintain when it looks ridiculous at a short length.

Previously I wrote a post about the Aussie hair care products, which are still very much in use! Just they thin my hair out a little too much on some days. I cut my split ends myself and use any shampoo that offers split end treatment with a little conditioner at the ends, it smooths it out for 2 or 3 days before needing it done all over again. Which of course becomes a task.

One thing I started late last year and have continued doing, is using Grapeseed oil. A natural massage oil in which I bought off Amazon for a cheap £4-£5, I'd heard grapeseed oil was good for helping hair grow and I wanted some oil anyway that wasn't going to cost me around £15 (Seriously! It's so expensive for just a small bottle, ridiculous!) So once every month or two, I grab the grapeseed oil and apply it to my hair.

Not a lot! I massage a small amount into different areas of my hair and try and evenly spread it out, okay so it feels a little gross having an oil based head of hair, but it's totally worth it! I sit with it in my hair for an evening, 3-4 hours, sometimes overnight if I don't mind sleeping with it in before thoroughly washing it out! 

A bit of my normal Shampoo and conditioner to bring out that extra care, it really works a treat. I can dry my hair as fast as normal with no greasy feel at the end of it, it softens my hair for weeks and breaks off any split ends or flyaway hairs AND takes care of my scalp. Leaving my hair feeling fantastic. I know there's many other oils in 1 litre bottles on Amazon, I've been meaning to try the almond oil to see how that goes, but it's truly my favourite way of treating my hair after using heat and dyes leaving it genuinely shiny! I absolutely recommend using oil as a hair treatment once in a while, works wonders!

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Right Decision Is Your Decision.

Sometimes there will be a time in which you have to pick between one thing or another, these options may be something fun or something to do with your future, they can be as simple as choosing between a home made chicken ceaser salad and an ordered in Dominos pizza. 

No matter who you are where you are there's something in us that says "head or heart", maybe in a scenario where deciding between foods is the challenge down to wanting a health kick, is it okay to choose Dominos one day even though you might regret it the next? It's you'e decision! No one elses. Of course your decision effects you, but whichever one you pick is surely right, even when people think you're wrong, right?

Trying to think about my future and where I want to be in a month-3 months time, today I had colleagues slate me throughout the day telling me that I had been a let down to my team as social rep for not attending the last two socials, the first at a club with other members of staff, have to be in the next day (me included) so I decided the smartest decision for someone who's in at 9 the next morning should give it a miss, okay so I'm sure it'll be fun, but even going for an hour means dressing up to not look completely mismatched compared to my team and to leave almost if not exactly as sober as I would of been when I walked in. The second event is staying over at my work (a not quite sober but no customers around sleepover if you must) in which £10 (Nearly two hours work) is required to stay...at work, plus then purchasing from the bar and buying food. It doesn't sound that great to me.

Maybe I'm just boring, but my last ever social at work being at work really doesnt sound that fantastic. I'm probably tight not wanting to spend money to stay either, but I've worked there since May, part of me feels like I shouldn't have to with the amount myself and other members of staff have done (incredibly understaffed) for the company. I'm tired of the place in all honesty. I'm also going to London this month, I would much rather spend the £10 in London with someone I adore having fun than spend £10 to go to work, it costs me enough to get there!

All in all, ignorance is sometimes bliss, there's about 3/4 team members I actually genuinely wouldn't mind keeping in contact with, but the rest are the people who don't understand that I would rather be where I want to be with someone I want to spend time with than somewhere I always am where I'm consistently stressed. Maybe in 10 years I'll think back and say I wish I would of gone, and part of me wishes of course that I could do both, but I had to pick between two, and the right decision is my decision, as your decision is the right decision, whether people like it or not.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Furry Child! - Keke

In 2012, I saw a photo of a pair of kittens one of which needed a home and got asked if I wanted it, this is that photo. The sweetest ball of fluff I ever did see. My answer was very obvious.

I came home and got this sweet bundle of joy placed into my hands and teared up at how wonderfully tiny she was, perfect beyond belief! Watching her slowly get used to her surroundings and her waiting in the window for me to get back from sixth form, she would willfully choose to sleep beside me and was the most playful and harmless feline friend! 

She would sit with me (or rather on top of my equipment) when I was sketching, fall asleep on me when I was watching TV and think that laying on top of all my coursework was incredibly helpful!
She was and always has been both relaxed and playful, a true character and a friend more than a pet. When upset she would lay with me and when I left for a week she would greet me by the door and cry for me to pick her up when I returned.

Two years later, she got herself a little brother! Which meant of course, it was time for a vet appointment. I took her in and she got a check up before leaving her to get her operation (looking absolutely terrified and making me feel incredibly guilty for leaving her there)

I picked her up later that day to a very sleepy keeks! She had a bandage on her arm (which had roosters on it, pretty cute) and a shaved patch with some stitches! 

She ended up sleeping in my room for the next four weeks so that I could keep an eye on her so she didn't bite them and that the other cats wouldnt play too roughly with her! Her angsty teen days had quit and she became dependent on me for love and attention for those four weeks!

Keke is most definitely back in her teen stage right now, shes a complete brat that runs back and forth sliding along the wooden flooring like a kid in cotton socks! Spends her days being told off for climbing on top of the TV and runs up to me and meows sticking her tongue out like a goat when she wants food! The prettiest of faces.

I am the proudest owner ever! She is the most beautiful little kitten that loves everyone she comes in contact with, she loves every dog, every cat and every human she sees, shes adventurous and playful and my tiny best friend. 

All cats have different characteristics about them and all of them are different, thats the great thing about them, some are very independent, others not so much. Some want to jump around and have a fuss every 10 minutes, others just want to sleep! There's a kitten friend for everyone and they are incredibly loving friends indeed! 110% consider getting one! But not Keke...Keke is mine!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Game of Thrones Coasters

As someone who's a huge fan of simplicity in rooms, details in the items I use around the house are important, you can tell a lot about a person by their house and/or their bedroom. Me? I like neutral colours, plain and simple, with a couple of photos and plants here and there. 

Something I needed was drinks coasters! I can't have mug marks on a clean white wooden side table! No no no no no...!

Etsy was my savior, it's full of unique and wonderful crafts, my favourite website ever! I was looking for something to do with any of my favourite TV shows (preferably something to do with Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy!) but something that wasn't going to cost me a fortune (I did come across some fantastic leather AND stainless steel coasters with house sigils in them, but way too expensive) before I came across these beauties!

I bought them from 'UnofficiallyOriginal'. There was an option of 3 coasters in this set, Direwolf Stark 'Winter lager', Lannister Golden Lion 'blonde ale' or Baratheon black stag! They're £2 each and excellent! They're very clear and perfect size for even my bigger mugs (not to mention large pint glasses! winner!) 

Something that's a pro to these coasters are the fact that the clear sides are actually slightly raised, meaning any liquid whether it be a full cup that slightly spills over when the mugs put down, or the cold droplets from an ice cold glass that trickle down, are going to be caught on the coaster, rather than trickling off of it. My hands are very shakey, so this is a massive bonus for me, forever spilling my drink when I put it back down!

The shop owner was incredibly polite, I bought another item from his store (He sells badges, keyfobs, fridge magnets, charms, coasters and more!) in which the etsy store wasn't putting together, meaning it made me pay for p+p twice! I messaged him and he replied very quickly ensuring that he would refund my second p+p payment and ensure that the 3 items were sent together. Fantastic service! Would recommend!

5/5! Buy Game Of Thrones Coasters - Click Here!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Custom Made Seananners T-shirt, Spreadshirt

If you're following my blogger, you already know I'm a huge fan of Adam Montoya (Youtube name - Seananners) This man is my absolute hero, with daily 2-4 minute videos of him playing video games with friends, making me laugh just by hearing his!

I've been a fan for so long now, and I never fail to keep up to date with his life via social media whether it be his facebook page, twitter or instagram. His wonderful girlfriend Cathy (Catabot) is also another incredible human being that I enjoy keeping up to date with, and just recently she posted a photo of the wondrous nannerman on her instagram with the caption 'Guess who is pet sitting tonight! :D #totesadorable' (Photo to the right)

I completely fell in love with this picture instantly, and showed my friend who originally introduced me to Montoya. Desperately wanting it on a t-shirt to proudly wear wherever I go, my friend being the absolute babe he is, helped me out! Cut out all the background and left me with a simple design, and put it together on spreadshirt for me with the link, said "There you go! choose a size and shirt style!" boom. DONE!

Payday came, I bought this shirt. It was a treat to myself for working my ass off recently! Plus I already have all the Seananners merch (He definitely needs to make more designs!) so this felt like it was my very own that no one else was ever going to have, made it feel 100x better when it finally arrived!

I've never used spreadshirt before, so the quick arrival of this shirt made me more than willing to want to use the site again to get more of my favourite youtubers and own designs on a shirt, especially when it arrived so crisp and clean! I'm already planning on getting the baby SeaNanners from the animated 'More Watermelons Less Crack' video, as it's my absolute favourite and completely adorable!

Adam, I thank you for making everyday one in which I can laugh for 3 minutes straight, even if I've watched the video 10 times before, they never fail to make my day. 


The shirt! I adore it!