Monday, 14 October 2013

Rimmel - Light Porcelain Match Perfection Liquid Foundation

As you may know from my previous post I purchased Maybelline's matte mousse foundation, alongside this I also bought Rimmel's Light Porcelain (010) match perfection liquid foundation. I thought I'd post about this separately (different brand and all) 

This was a last minute purchase alongside the mousse and out of the mousse and liquid foundation, this is easily my favourite of the two. The foundation matches my skin tone slightly better than the mousse as it's lighter than Maybellines Light Porcelain products but is still dark on my skin (yes, I'm that pale still) so yet again, for me the colour didn't match entirely but was lighter than the mousse.

However its really easily applied and blends well against the skin giving off a bright glow. the product isn't watery nor is it thick and again 'cakey' on the skin, in fact it was really light and smooth. The liquid comes out quite quickly which is always a little risky when it comes down to getting the foundation out when you only need a small amount applied. My favourite part about this foundation is that it has a pleasant scent to it. It covered a few blemishes and the product costs £6.99 which is a decent price for a liquid foundation. I'm no make-up pro, but I would give this foundation a 5/5. 

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