Sunday, 13 October 2013

Maybelline - Dream Matte Mousse (Light Porcelain) & Cover Stick (Ivory)

I'm someone who I guess you could say 'avoids' make-up. 
Reasons being:

  • My hands are shakey on a permanent basis resulting in poking myself in the eyes with everything I've ever owned. 
  • Not finding something which actually suits me and doesn't make me look like I'm going for the 'retro gothic smudge' look.
  • Being too lazy to put on make up every day when I could just say "This is my face accept it please and thankyou"

The other week I got a face ick which I got so frustrated with, I was going away and it just wasn't leaving, so I was desperate to cover it and look somewhat acceptable for when travelling to visit a friend. (Although he was very lovely and said my face ick didn't matter, the sweetheart!)

THUS, resulting in me purchasing Maybelline's (01) Ivory Cover stick for £4.09

The second I got home I tried to conceal my face ick. This was the lightest tone they had and I'm not someone who tests loads of products before I buy them, although I probably should? I thought Ivory would be fine considering its the lightest of Maybelline's cover sticks (If I'm correct there's 3, Ivory, Nude and Vanilla) but yet, being pale it turned out a little more Tan than I had expected despite looking my skin colour. 

The product actually felt slightly greasy when applied and I felt rather than blending or rather doing its job and concealing? It was just an extra layer on top and made me feel like I was shouting "Hey look at how noticeable this is!". Resulting in me wiping it off about 5 minutes after because it just wouldn't do and it felt tacky on my skin. 2/5

The day after, I bailed on trying to find concealer products and just looked for anything that vaguely matched my skin tone. Of course, there was no samplers to try see to match with the products this time, so I was judging by colour and name of the colour/product of what I could see in front of me. I ended up picking up 

Maybellines dream matte mousse (004) Light Porcelain foundation for £7.69 which is again the lightest of Maybellines mousse foundation products.
I really liked the mousse foundation, it literally does feel like mousse and has a really soft texture to blend into your skin nicely without having that greasy afterwards feel and doesn't leave you feeling like any heat your skin comes into contact with will melt the make-up off your face. It's not 'cakey' and thick but really light and fluffy and although this again is too dark for my skin and makes me look like I've got a tan on one area of my face, overall the mousse is definitely a product I would recommend to others that are looking for a good foundation who find they have similar skin tones to the product. 5/5

You can just about see on the photo to the left the difference between both, I used my arm to try show the difference. The left is the mousse foundation which blended into my skin much better than the cover stick on the right does and doesn't look as thick and obvious being there. 

Maybe one day I'll produce my own make-up line and call it 'Ghost Tan' for us chicks (Or/and guys) whos skin tone gets described as 'milk bottle' or 'new white bed sheets' so I mean, look out for that in the upcoming future or probably never because I hardly wear makeup anyway! But until then, I would definitely sway from Maybelline's cover stick and spend the extra on the mousse. Worth it.

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