Friday, 6 September 2013

The 1975 - Self Titled Album

The 1975 are described as an alternative/indie rock band formed in Manchester, who haven't been in the music industry for long, but with four previous EP's in the past two years, have recently shone to light from their first and incredible self titled studio album 'The 1975'.

I first heard of The 1975 when hearing one of the hit singles 'Chocolate' on the radio. I'd never heard a vocalist quite like it and could instantly tell the lead singer was from somewhere in Manchester, from his heavy Mancunian accent which is probably one of the most highly noticeable things when first listening to the band. 

Chocolate was upbeat and instantly made my head sway from side to side. The song has been described as 'The most British song ever' which doesn't surprise me considering the accent is so strong you know its not from anywhere else, a stronger Manc accent than any Mancunians I've ever met have anyway. Chocolate was originally released previously 6 months before on EP 'Music For Cars'. 

But the most wonderful thing about this song to me was the video's ending quoting 'Poetry is in the streets in full living colour' Which kind of made me think about a lot of things and really appreciate the song more than I ever did before.

The 1975 was released 2nd September 2013 to which it caused an uproar with fans across my Twitter feed stating how amazing it was, after only hearing Chocolate and other single 'Sex' (originally released in 2012 on EP 'Sex'), I thought why not give the album a listen myself?

Without a doubt, the best decision I made. The 1975 self titled album is full of upbeat songs made from sheer raw talent. Every song so upbeat and happy even when lyrics are more heartfelt. The album is one of them all rounder albums which you can listen to throughout every season knowing its appropriate and be able to enjoy it. Its my kind of walking music.

My favourite song from the album is 'Settle Down'. The guitar has an almost funk riff to it and oddly slightly reminds me of a slowed down Daft Punk song, it also had that kind of 90's vibe from old songs that I really miss hearing so it was a pleasure listening to something so relaxing. Another great song from the album is 'Menswear', the start of this track is mainly heavily focused on bass and a fair bit of synthesizing which in all fairness a lot of the album has some really ace bass lines however, half way through the song the vocals start and the song when put together with added percussion gives the listener such a happy peaceful feeling.

Trying to see a least favourite part of the album is difficult. I honestly can't criticise any of this album's songs because every track has an incredible mix of instrumental lines that tie together like braids for each individual song and the vocals tie it at the very end with a little bow, making it so hard to pick and chose. 

The only fault I could possibly give is that I don't feel like I can connect to the songs and I wish I could, however that doesn't affect my view on the album as others may be able to. Its a feel good album and one I can see myself listening to as well as looking forward to The 1975's next album considering this one has been so successful.

The most surprising part about the album overall was in fact the Deluxe edition album includes all four of The 1975's previous EP's, which I've never seen any musician do before and is quite interesting as usually people would leave them as EP's to make more sales to get a full collection, instead of buying the one album, I however think this was an excellent way to get fans to buy their album considering it features the previous EP's 'Facedown, Sex, Music for Cars & IV'.

In an interview with sessions, lead singer Matthew Healey said that the band initially never felt the need to put out music, they just enjoyed playing, but after people started showing an interest they decided to put a record out and since then people have been embracing the music. So not only are we lucky to have the 1975, but to have their album. As I said previously, I highly recommend this album. Its fun with a funky twist, make of it what you want, but easily worth its current price £10.99. 

I'm pretty gutted I'm not seeing them on any of their tour dates after hearing the album, but if you are then hey, enjoy yourselves it'll be amazing!

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