Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus' actions have been questioned a lot lately, and whilst I've never been a fan of her music but can appreciate her voice I've sort of ended up keeping up to date with Cyrus' change due to social media and to be fair slight disgust from her being a major influence to a younger generation.

I'm not entirely sure what happened, but the 'We Can't Stop' video was let loose in June 2013 and got a lot of public attention. It's not surprising considering Cyrus is wearing barely anything and 'twerking' throughout whilst rolling around on a bed thrusting the air before slapping half the people in the video's derrières, sticking her tongue out every possible way throughout the entirety of the music video.

Then in August the VMA's happened which caused even more of an uproar when 20 year old Cyrus 'gave her all' during the Can't Stop performance and seeing a lot more twerking which frankly by now had got quite tiresome before she ripped off a teddy bear bodysuit to reveal a tight skin coloured two piece and receiving a foam pointing glove which she uses throughout her performance with Robin Thicke to inappropriately touch her body and grind or rather 'shake' her arse in front of Thickes junk, disturbing a lot of well known celebrities such as Rihanna and the Smith family.

I hadn't heard about Wrecking Ball until the music video came out and I saw it trending on social media site Twitter, I looked it up and was quite shocked at the results, the song was actually really good? Something I would probably listen to on the odd now and then, it was very emotional and about how love is very destructive. 

The video gave me controversial views however, Cyrus' begins the video with a close up of her face whilst singing as a single tear rolls down her face before it cutting to her back in the white underwear and tight top surrounded by brick walls and holding a sledgehammer, giving us the idea she would be taking out these walls herself, however I was wrong as a genuine wrecking ball crashes through the wall whilst Cyrus walks towards the camera.

The video then shows her swinging back and forth on this ball and she starts licking the sledgehammer and dragging her lips and tongue across it. Just over a 1 minute in revealing herself to now be in the nude on this wrecking ball swinging around with nothing but the chain and her arms covering her from being strip naked other than a pair of boots leaving very little to the imagination and images of her laying in the wreck of what the ball has caused.

I could slightly understand where the video was coming from if it's aim was to show that people do feel bare and vulnerable during a stage of a relationship which is or has ended, but after her previous behaviour I just don't understand if that's what she is really trying to show, I would be more convinced if she wasn't licking this sledgehammer which in this case had no part in the video, it was just Cyrus being Cyrus.

A lot of people feel the change is because "Miley is growing up" and the singer is of course wanting people to see her in a different light instead of being "That girl from the Disney channel."

But I feel there could of been better ways to show this, I agree her music ability has highly improved and that she is more herself than ever, but she has so many fans who are of a young age who will watch these videos and go "Well Miley did it, why can't I?" and in all honesty if my child was looking up to Cyrus who seems to be currently unable to stop licking and spanking people AND objects, I would be complaining and making sure Miley knew what impact she has on the younger mind.

Overall, Wrecking Ball is decent and I did enjoy it, the video is different but people are enjoying Thicke and Timberlake's songs which include nude women, so why can't Miley be nude for her more emotional and heartache feeling song? I just hope Cyrus' is aware of the impact she has, and decides to tone down her tongue wagging.

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