Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lights - Siberia Acoustic

I feel the only way to start off a general blog of reviewing many a things should be with Music, considering I've done 'heavy' studying on it for four years. 

Lights Bokan (Otherwise known as Lights Poxleitner, born Valerie Anne Poxleitner) was introduced to me aged 16 by a friend of mine who showed me her featured in Silverstein's 'The End'.

Siberia (2011) Was such a pleasure to listen to, knowing it was released on my Birthday made it that extra bit exciting. I spent many hours listening to Cactus in the Valley and admiring how incredibly beautiful Lights was in the music video for 'Toes' (Sort of a girl crush, guy friends fancied her too. Can't really blame any of us Lights fans, she's a corker). I somehow managed to relate to every song which made the album all the more fantastic. 

Being a big fan of acoustic stuff; searching for acoustic versions of pretty much everything? My heart filled with joy when I found out Lights was bringing out an acoustic album for Siberia, knowing it was going to have an un-identical twin album, in which my happy head danced around like "Yay two versions of each song to pick from!" Plus the fact that she continued Husband Beau Bokans & band Blessthefall's '40 Days' with '...And Counting' using the same chorus, therefore making the acoustic version a complete heart-melt to chicks such as myself with an "ALL THE FEELS" kind of attitude.

Overall the album is very gentle, showing Light's lighter tones and beautiful harmonies between her and Max Kerman for 'Siberia' as well as the appearance from Owl City in 'Cactus In The Valley', which really does lift the mark of sadness from any face. (See what I did there). I never would of thought about putting Lights & Owl City together, but they're a perfect match vocals wise.

I think one of the most surprising parts for me about this album was the acoustic version of 'Peace Sign', featuring Canadian singer Beatrice Martin otherwise known as Coeur de pirate who sings alongside Lights in French, giving a completely different side to the song that I can only describe as beautiful.

Trying my hardest not to be biased and find a critical side within me, I'd have to say I much prefer 'Timing Is Everything' On Siberia. Probably due to the fact I don't feel the song has that catchy 'feel good' affect on acoustic compared to its upbeat and electronic brother.

If I could pair Lights with anyone to do a duet, it would almost definitely be Patrick Stump.

BEFORE YOU THINK I'M CRAZY, his solo album 'Soul Punk' will help you see where I'm coming from, I honestly feel like the two of them paired for a song together would create one of the most popular pieces of electronic/synthpop music to those who can appreciated a higher note or two.

Overall the album is a 5 stars in my eyes. Satisfying lyrics and an album which I could listen to over and over again, which I usually do as it helps sooth an over thinking mind to a calm and relaxed state so I can actually focus and sleep. To anyone who hasn't heard of Lights or her music, start at her first album 'The Listening' and see her development over time from that to Siberia to really understand and appreciate her as a musician.

(Oh I'm also all about Lights' blonde hair. Digging it.) 

(Update: 5 Minutes after posting I checked Instagram, Lights went back to brown hair. Still digging it)

Listen to Lights - Siberia Acoustic - Click Here.

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